Getting Software Implementation Right – Implement

OpsVantage Software Implementation

This is the fourth post in the series about Getting Software Implementation Right. We have covered why implementation matters, preparation, and selling. This post picks up after the kick off meeting has occurred, and we are digging into the implementation work. Kickoff recap It was mentioned as a Pro Tip in the last post, but I am going bring it up again because it is SO important. If you are going onsite for the project kick off, bring your implementation team along and require the client to commit to having their team available all day for several days following the kick off meeting. Yep…require the team to be available. If … Read More

Getting Software Implementation Right – Sell

I have never met a salesperson that wants to talk about implementation during the sales cycle…never. “It will kill, slow down, confuse (fill in your own negative verb) the deal!” Well, if the implementation is not trivial, and you don’t tell the customer what to expect: · Best case: They will not trust the salesperson anymore · Typical case: Their order sit in the implementation backlog awaiting them to fund and staff the project · Worst case: They kill the deal after the contract is signed Explaining implementation does not have to get complicated, confusing or frightening. They will have to go through something similar with any solution they choose, … Read More

Great products are built by great teams

OpsVantage - Great Products Are Built By Great Teams

The third annual study of product team performance is complete! Consistent with prior years, the results have shown that only a minority of product teams are performing well. Of course there are a variety of factors contributing to top performance, but one of five key finding from this year’s study was the important correlation between the role people play in creating a positive team environment, and positive results for the business. When asked to select which factors contributed to a positive environment for the team, high performing organizations give three quarters of the credit to just four factors: A common goal/purpose Effective product managers Skilled engineers Effective project managers/scrum masters … Read More

Change? Yeah, right…

OpsVantage - Change? Yeah, right…

Nobody wakes up in the morning and decides to do mediocre work or be part of a so-so team. It just kind of creeps up on you when you’re not looking and before you know it your state of the art 1995 solution is not holding up so well. In the post You’re not a commodity I shared a story of a friend who didn’t keep his skills current and found himself in a tough spot. The same thing is happening to product development teams all around the world. The third annual study of product team performance recently concluded and one of the questions we asked is how effective teams … Read More

The 3 steps to not breaking the process

In the post, The first rule of change management, I wrote about the importance of not breaking someone’s job.  Since a person’s job is just a collection of processes they carry out, here are a few practical ways you can avoid breaking the processes necessary to get work done. 1. Get end users involved in creating system requirements and processes: Users can be tough to incorporate into the development effort.  They have a “regular job” that prevents them from spending enough time with you, they are not familiar with the process of designing and developing, and they have these nit-picky things they want done right at the beginning.  Nobody said it would be … Read More