Enabling Growth Through Business Architecture: Training

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This post is the third in a series on dealing with growth through business architecture. In the first article we covered how and why to understand your business capabilities.  In the second article, I shared about the importance of establishing metrics and controls. In this post we will make a pivot to discuss how you keep supporting growth while your organization works to digitize and automate for limitless scalability. By now you have an understanding of the capabilities, major functions, and the supporting processes. Beyond that, you now also have metrics to track historical performance and projection information that indicates where the scaling issues will be most severe. These scalability … Read More

1 simple way B2B software companies can increase professional services revenue

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As a software company with a professional services team there will inevitably be times your team is swamped with work, and there will be times when people are roaming the halls trying to find ways to stay (or at least look) busy. The irony is that you likely have plenty of customers to generate enough work to keep the entire team busy every day, but there is not enough awareness. Marketing of professional services rarely ever happens in B2B software companies because the marketing effort is all directed toward selling software…which is right where it should be. One simple way to solve this is to create a calendar of professional … Read More