Rethinking Customer Success Selling

Rethink Customer Success Selling OpsVantage

For customer success to be successful, the value proposition must deliver results for both the company and the customers. Unfortunately, customer success managers tend to resist doing anything that even remotely feels like selling; thinking it’s a violation of their trusted advisor role. Using a simpler example, let’s have another look. The hotel equivalent of a CSM is a small team consisting of the bellman, concierge and the front desk. Their job is to drive customer loyalty and retention by making sure your stay is successful, your needs are met, and you have the best possible experience. Imagine you return to the hotel from being out all day. You are … Read More

Getting Software Implementation Right – Sustaining

Software Implementation Sustaining OpsVantage

If you have had the fortitude to endure this series on software implementation, you are rewarded with a short final installment. In prior posts we covered preparing the implementation, selling the implementation, and doing the implementation work. This post covers how to move a customer out of the implementation process and into a healthy sustaining relationship with your company. Graduate If you have ever been on an implementation team you know that it is sometimes nearly impossible to get a customer to stop calling you when they need help. You did a great job making them feel comfortable, well supported and welcome as a new customer…Maybe too good of a job?? … Read More

Getting Software Implementation Right – Sell

I have never met a salesperson that wants to talk about implementation during the sales cycle…never. “It will kill, slow down, confuse (fill in your own negative verb) the deal!” Well, if the implementation is not trivial, and you don’t tell the customer what to expect: · Best case: They will not trust the salesperson anymore · Typical case: Their order sit in the implementation backlog awaiting them to fund and staff the project · Worst case: They kill the deal after the contract is signed Explaining implementation does not have to get complicated, confusing or frightening. They will have to go through something similar with any solution they choose, … Read More

Enabling Growth Through Business Architecture: Digitize

OpsVantage - Darker Water

This post is the fourth and final in a series on enabling growth through business architecture. In the first article we covered how and why to understand your business capabilities.  In the second article, I shared about the importance of establishing metrics and controls to understand and manage work. The third post was all about inexpensive and practical ways to train people involved in doing the brute force work necessary to scale, but has yet to be automated. This article caps the series off with digitization of workflows. Digitization is the automation of existing manual or paper based processes, by digitizing the information.  Even the most technology oriented companies face … Read More

3 Ways to Sell Implementation as a Competitive Differentiator

OpsVantage - 3 Ways to Sell Implementation as a Competitive Differentiator

Hopefully, your company’s sales cycle includes some amount of customer education about the implementation process so the customer knows how to get started on the right foot. Frequently we hear that Salespeople are hesitant to talk about implementation because they don’t want to “risk the deal” by addressing work the customer will have to do. Customers are not stupid, they know that implementation will have to happen, and they expect that the vendor is going to lead and guide them through to a successful conclusion. Glossing over implementation or skipping it all together during the sales process can leave the customer feeling like they were tricked. Even worse, it sets … Read More

1 simple way B2B software companies can increase professional services revenue

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As a software company with a professional services team there will inevitably be times your team is swamped with work, and there will be times when people are roaming the halls trying to find ways to stay (or at least look) busy. The irony is that you likely have plenty of customers to generate enough work to keep the entire team busy every day, but there is not enough awareness. Marketing of professional services rarely ever happens in B2B software companies because the marketing effort is all directed toward selling software…which is right where it should be. One simple way to solve this is to create a calendar of professional … Read More

Winterize your call center

OpsVantage - Winterize

Running a B2B call center in the winter can be tricky; customers rely on your software to run their operation and this means they expect the customer support phones to be answered regardless of how cold it is, or how much black ice is on the road between your house and the office. But on the other hand, you don’t want your reps risking their life to get into the office. What is the conscientious support manager to do? Winterize. Just like winterizing your car, there are steps you can take to make sure your call center is ready for winter, ready to serve customers, and ready to keep your reps safe … Read More