Because organizational change is only sustainable when it’s system-wide.


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The business operating system is where people, process, and technology come together. These three dimensions are the dials that can be tuned to improve quality, reduce cost and increase throughput.

The OpsVantage “systems-thinking” approach requires both a high-level look at where a business wants to be, and a closer, more detailed examination of all the supporting elements of your business operation system to determine which dials need to be tweaked and by how much.

OpsVantage works with software companies and private equity firms to establish repeatable processes and the sustained capability to mature operations across:

  • Product Management
  • Software Development
  • Portfolio, program and project management
  • Sales
  • Professional Services
  • Customer Support


Because of our belief that these three elements together influence the success of an organization, we utilize a holistic approach to our client projects. We never assume just because a problem manifests itself in one area of the organization that it isn’t influenced or affected by another.

For sustainable change to occur, the change has to be supported throughout the entire organization.

REAL-life example

When charged with helping a client to improve customer satisfaction with professional services, our beginning assessment extended beyond professional services to include the review of all sales and marketing collateral.

What we found was that part of the problem was the client’s marketing materials and sales presentations were inadvertently setting expectations that were not being met. While this was just part of the issue, revising the collateral and providing sales training resulted in immediate improvements in new customer satisfaction.



OpsVantage understands that all divisions must be working toward the achievement of a common goal. Our in-depth initial assessment includes documentation of all points of interaction between the primary team we are working with and other teams.


Using the assessment, industry best practices, and benchmarks, OpsVantage will create a set of practical recommendations tailored for your business, team, and ability to sustain the change. Clients frequently comment that this assessment and recommendations report enables them to better understand their own organization. Along with the written report, we will provide an overview presentation summarizing the assessment and recommendations and giving leadership an opportunity to ask questions as they weigh how to move forward. This readout presentation concludes with a decision about which recommendations will be implemented.

OpsVantage Methodology


Beyond analysis, we know how to get things done. Our realistic planning process is based on experience, and ensures you fully understand what it takes to be successful. We will plan for training, change management, operational continuity for key resources, risk management, and many other essential project elements. Implementing change is seldom easy, but a good plan prevents it from being chaotic and negatively impacting your business.


OpsVantage is only as good as our reputation, so we are personally invested in your success. We remain involved through this phase to ensure effective plan execution. OpsVantage will typically take on the day-to-day leadership of the project, working with project team members and a governance team or project sponsor. Not only does this ensure continuity and that objectives are being met from the assessment to project completion, but this approach frees up your leadership team to focus on other priorities.

End of project capability assessment

Over the course of a project, many benefits are realized. It can be easy to forget where you started and how far the organization has actually come. At the conclusion of our engagement, OpsVantage delivers a detailed report that documents the initial plan, what plan elements were completed and the multiple impacts of the plan. To keep your Business Operating System continually evolving, this report also includes recommendations for future improvements.

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