Success Stories

The following short case studies detail how OpsVantage has helped clients in the past. Click through a few to learn how we might help your organization with similar problems.

Project turnaround

ISSUE: The nation’s largest operating foundation entirely focused on foster care was concerned about slipping software development schedules and quality problems associated with a major data conversion project. Deadlines mattered because teams of contract testers were due to be brought in to verify the data conversion AND case workers across the country were scheduled to be in training in just a couple of months. A complete and successful data conversion was necessary for both to happen.

We conducted an assessment of the software and the two databases involved to determine a conversion alternative that ensured the data conversion could be done quickly and accurately. We worked with the existing development team to redesign and re-implement the data conversion programs accordingly.

RESULT: The data conversion was completed several weeks ahead of schedule and the conversion quality was so high that less than half of the originally planned number of contract testers were required.

Acquisition integration

ISSUE: Having completed 12 acquisitions in five years, the client realized they needed better integration results for the next acquisition, larger by far than any of the others. After an extensive engagement with a major consulting firm, they realized they needed an approach that was more flexible, less prescriptive, and that addressed the integration stress beginning to show within both organizations.

OpsVantage was engaged to provide strategic planning and tactical oversight of the integration of an acquired business with US and international offices; including the assessment of all functional areas of both companies to recommend an optimal product mix, re-branding, organization structure, and processes. This effort required the management responsibility of geographically dispersed teams totaling over 100 people, facilitation of problem solving sessions, and regular status reporting to the executive steering committee.

RESULT: Within 16 months, Jackson Consulting completed integration of brand, products, cultures, customers, vendor, distributors, and technology while realizing significant synergy-driven savings.

Implementation process improvement

ISSUE: After the development of a new web-based application intended to open new segments of the market and retire three legacy applications, the client was eager to migrate customers and sell new business. The implementation work necessary to complete the migration was progressing but with unsatisfactory results.

OpsVantage was engaged to conduct an in-depth analysis and prepare a written report detailing findings and recommending improvements for an implementation process that was failing to meet organizational and customer expectations. Findings were presented to company executives and OpsVantage worked with them to scope and approve remediation plans for improving all aspects of the customer on-boarding process including: training, project management, project monitoring, complimentary professional services, and transition to the sustaining organization.

RESULT: This client gained valuable insight into their processes, areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. They used the recommendations to make immediate improvement to their implementations, resulting in reduced order backlog, increased revenue recognition and accelerated annuity revenue from their subscription model business.

Product support

ISSUE: After several months of decreasing customer satisfaction with product support, it was decided something must be done to improve operations and stop the customer complaints that were becoming a barrier to new sales. The situation was further complicated by a lack of leadership within the product support organization; the previous VP and Director had been let go and not replaced, so several managers were reporting directly to a Senior Vice President who had many other responsibilities.

OpsVantage was engaged to conduct an in-depth analysis and prepare a written report detailing findings and recommending steps for the product support organization to quickly turn around the customer experience and perceptions.

RESULT: In just under six months, customer satisfaction scores were increased by more than 10%, support representative efficiency was increased by 10% and issue response times were decreased by 68%. Cross-training was implemented to provide flexibility for changes in workload demand and disaster recovery. A newly developed cross-selling program generated over $600k in additional sales in the first year. Five redundant locations were closed and cost savings of about 10% were realized. A backlog of over 2,500 cases was eliminated within 12 months.

Business process development

ISSUE: Three-year software subscription renewals were getting hard for this client to sell, because product roadmaps were seldom available to share with customers. Additionally, the client lacked a consistent, high-quality repository for product roadmaps, which meant that whenever a roadmap was needed, it was a time consuming, high cost, and labor intensive process. The organization was resigned to the situation because four prior efforts to change over the past 10 years had failed.

OpsVantage performed a comprehensive assessment of all existing tools and processes and conducted interviews with a wide range of stakeholders in order to determine what was preventing the sharing of information. Opsvantage prepared a comprehensive assessment along with a full set of recommendations for developing a robust product roadmap capability. Following the assessment, OpsVantage oversaw all aspects of implementing the recommendations.

RESULT: Roadmap build time was reduced from one week to less than 30 seconds and the cost to create a roadmap was dropped by 98%. Two thirds of salespeople indicated the roadmap data was improved, and all stakeholders were given a reliable source of product roadmap information.