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Systems & Process Alignment

Wish you could become a Digital Enterprise, but feel like your systems are blocking the way forward?

Systems are commonly added as business requirements change or through acquisitions. But at some point, the systems you have relied upon become an impediment to productivity. Multiple overlapping systems can result in inefficient workflows and increased errors due to stale data and ineffective processes. OpsVantage can provide the perspective you need to consolidate, simplify and scale your systems to reduce waste and realize cost efficiencies.


System Alignment

Using a quick-start template designed for SaaS Software businesses, OpsVantage will map your core capabilities so you have a solid understanding of where work is getting done, what systems are involved, and how strong your processes are.  This results in a heat map able to help define a consolidation strategy that maintains operational readiness while streamlining processes, reducing costs and achieving your Digital Enterprise goals. You’ll also benefit from the strategic advantage of shared data across systems for greater business intelligence.

Process and system mapping

The larger a company becomes, the harder it is to keep everyone on the same page. OpsVantage will document your processes in an easy to understand and accessible manner that clarifies the interaction points between your staff, processes and systems. We will provide a standardized glossary of terminology to be used across all processes, documentation to train new hires, and most importantly, the peace of mind which comes with knowing that you won’t break one process while trying to improve another.

Process improvement workshops

When it is time get more: more throughput, more quality, more consistency or more simplicity, OpsVantage can help by facilitating process improvement workshops focused on achieving specific goals. Examples of workshops include reducing bookings backlog by accelerating implementation, improving product predictability through Product Management best practices, minimizing errors that lead to customer credits, and getting more predictability from engineering teams.

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