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Sales Performance

When it comes to improving sales, there are no shortage of areas to investigate. Lead generation and nurturing, account management, customer segmentation, sales flow, compensation plans and sales automation are all contributing factors. It can be difficult for sales leaders and management to isolate and focus on the specific elements that will lead to the most significant increase in sales performance.

OpsVantage uses its holistic approach to examine each component contributing or hindering your sales success to develop an action-oriented plan that enables you to grow your numbers and maximize selling time.

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Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is the de-facto standard for B2B software companies that want to better understand their customers’ journey and its impact on their bottom line. The OpsVantage NPS program will provide you with the customer intelligence you need in order to make immediate improvements to your operations. Choose from three levels of service.

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  • Account management

    Balancing the responsibilities of customer advocacy and the need to drive additional sales, Account Managers can find themselves in a tough spot. Through a process of segmentation and service offering alignment, you will be can sure to provide all customers with the level of interaction appropriate for satisfaction and profitability.

    If your investment in account management is not yielding the customer satisfaction and revenue you are expecting, OpsVantage will assess what your customers are looking for, what account management is providing, and how to best align the need with an economically viable account management model.

  • Usage-based customer retention and upsell modeling

    Though most B2B software sold on a SaaS model gives you access to all the data necessary for you to identify which customers are attrition risks and which customers offer upsell opportunities, many companies aren’t proficient at extracting this information. OpsVantage works with your team to identify usage patterns and pinpoint the subset of the customer base who are most vulnerable to churn and which behavioral indicators signal the customer may be ready to buy additional products or services.

  • Lead generation and lead nurturing

    Where your leads come from and how you handle the customer journey from lead to qualified prospect are crucial factors affecting any sales team. OpsVantage reviews lead quality, lead sources, prospect communications and timelines to discover and remedy inefficiencies that may be hurting your ability to close sales.

  • Customer segmentation

    When it comes to customers, one size definitely does not fit all. Understanding the unique needs and customer lifetime value of different segments will enable targeted selling in a way that meets the customer’s needs and accelerates time to close.

  • Sales pipeline management

    Sales can be cyclical, but they should never be surprising. By understanding your sales process and analyzing the data, OpsVantage will help you determine the average time to close, attrition rate at each stage of the process, and how many leads will be required to meet a sales target. Equipped with this information, sales leadership is in a excellent position to really understand the forecast as well as identify top performers who consistently beat the averages.

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