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Product Management

Bringing B2B software to market can be a challenge. To be effective, product management must balance regulatory, security and customer demands with implementation and operational support costs to determine a set of software product features that satisfies customer requirements, meets sales objectives and results in a positive bottom line.

Knowledge-based approach

Having participated in the creation of The Guide to the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge, our consultants know a few things about defining and implementing a product management framework that leverages best practices. OpsVantage will work with you to create a stable business plan for your product or portfolio, implement a fair and objective method for feature selection decisions, build internal and external product roadmaps and write requirements that developers will love.

Informed by best practices

Approaches to building great software are changing rapidly, and OpsVantage is on the leading edge of identifying and sharing best practices from product teams around the world. Together with a consortium of companies committed to excellence in software delivery, OpsVantage surveys thousands of product team members annually to analyze and identify the crucial characteristics and practices of high-performing product teams.

Built by experience

Standards, methodology, research and training are all factors that contribute to success, but there is no substitute for experience. The OpsVantage approach to defining and delivering software has experience at its core. Experience building team and organizations that build products, experience getting unstuck, experience launching to large and international customer bases.

OpsVantage had a deep understanding of product management and was able to leverage and transfer that knowledge to our organization. Without their support and skill at managing the leaders in our organization we’d still be many stages behind where we are at now.Fred Martin, Sr. Product Line Manager, New Markets at PointClickCare
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