Because delivering great software requires great balance.


Product Development

Successful software development is crucial to company success. That is why OpsVantage provides field tested people, tools and processes along with the change management expertise to operationalize consistency, quality and continual improvement.

A systems approach

Delivering great software one release after another requires an exceptionally balanced approach. It can’t be always be new features, exclusively bug fixing, or perfecting the architecture. It has to be an “all of the above” approach or the product will eventually face serious issues.


Technological innovation doesn’t always translate to improved profits. For a product to be successful, you must have the right business model and your features and improvements must be an accurate product-solution fit for your customer targets.


Without a doubt, Agile is the most effective method for delivering value, but when a team is new to Agile or not experienced coordinating with non-development teams, it can get tricky to help business people understand what can be done and when. Left unaddressed, a strong adherence to Agile practices without good communication, can result in conflict between development and other departments. Agile Consultants from OpsVantage can get the development teams and the business back on the same side, and working together.

…one of the most organized, efficient and effective people that I’ve worked with at Precor. He manages the most complex product-focused tech initiative in the company, which includes participation from non-technical contributors. He kept everyone on schedule and on deliverables – including me! I enjoyed working with him immensely.
Tricia Belcastro, Sr Marketing Manager, Consumer & E-commerce, Precor

OpsVantage will work with you to understand what works well and where opportunities exist to:

  • Leverage best practice approaches

    Such as Agile and Kanban, even in a blended environment.

  • Create realistic estimates

    The business can rely on and the developers can agree to.

  • Proactively manage risk

    Both technical and market.

  • Improve quality and increase velocity

    With continuous test automation.

  • Keep technical debt in check

    With planned refactoring.

  • Maximize opportunity

    To reduce defect density.

  • Manage the complexity

    Of multiple releases being developed in parallel.

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