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Operational Alignment

In order for a company to thrive, all elements of the organization must be aligned in pursuit of a shared goal. But a business does not exist in a bubble. It is constantly being challenged to grow and change in response to market conditions, competition for market share, and even industry or governmental regulations.

These changes can cause internal confusion about priorities that negatively affects the bottom line. OpsVantage provides the crucial assistance companies need to refocus on core business objectives and align efforts across departments toward a set of common goals.

OpsVantage’s attention to planning and detail allows the engagement to be successful – without surprises. I highly recommend the firm to anyone looking for a job done right.Ed Roshitsh, COO, PointClickCare


  • operational turnarounds

    At OpsVantage, our consultants have proven track records of providing confidential assistance to companies seeking to understand the issues threatening the short and long-term success of their business and then leading them through value creating change to a sustainable new way of operating.


    Integrating a company acquisition poses a unique set of challenges to leadership. To preserve value, both companies need to continue operating successfully despite the climate of uncertainty that emerges when two company cultures collide. OpsVantage will help you plan and quickly implement an integration that is open, honest, and smart. From communicating the strategic value of the acquisition, all the way down to making sure products, processes, technology and people are aligned with the new value proposition, we will help you get back to business sooner and with better outcomes.


    The vacancy of a key leadership position places a strain on the entire company, but hiring quickly just to fill the role is always a mistake. With consultants who have held multiple director, VP, and C-level positions, OpsVantage offers interim leadership that gives you the breathing room to hire well. More than just a caretaker leadership role, your OpsVantage consultant will deliver value and create a desirable destination for your new hire.


    With hundreds of details needing attention and the very real impact of the closure on the lives of employees, shutting down an office is a unique challenge. If it’s not handled well, it can negatively affect your brand, your ability to attract and retain talent, and your personal reputation with the go-forward employees. Whether you are relocating staff to a new office, going virtual, or downsizing your operations, OpsVantage can guide the way with real world experience in everything from HR compliance to protecting IP.


    Your business has a rhythm and OpsVantage can help you find it. From monthly and quarterly business reviews, to budgeting, performance reviews, product strategy and more, we will work with your team to identify the critical inputs, roles and timing vital to ensuring productive and smooth operations, avoiding last minute scrambles and common obstacles.

  • Department-specific operational metrics

    With expertise in most every department, the OpsVantage team can help you quickly establish key tactical and strategic metrics that will drive performance improvement and consistent reporting across teams, departments, and even companies within a portfolio.

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