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Data is integral to running your business. The ability to turn data into information can create a competitive advantage and help you gain insight into how customers view your organization. How you steward your data through the organization and protect its integrity is critical.

OpsVantage can help you create and deliver a data governance solution that will put your data in a position to be used efficiently and effectively over time. We act as a liaison between the IT department and the business side of an organization with expertise that gives you both business and technical insight and delivers practical answers to even your most challenging data issues.

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OpsVantage can help your firm with data governance programs that:

  • Preserves data integrity by having a single set of verified and clean data to enable excellent business operations.
  • Ensures the security of your data by knowing who has access to it, who can update and modify it, and keeping your data out of the hands of the competition.
  • Builds data integration by creating a path to import data from acquisitions or outside data sources that will enhance your existing data.
  • Creates intelligent data that enables the evaluation, management and enhancement of your strategies and tactics

Our experience across several industries and companies provides your team with knowhow needed to develop best in class data governance protocols. Leveraging our expertise will make sure you are on the leading edge of both technology and business when it comes to how you manage your information.

Don’t let poor data quality, integrity and management inhibit your business initiatives and operations. Contact OpsVantage to learn more about how we can help you create data governance solution for you.

Signs You Need Data Governance:

  • You don’t trust your data to make important business decisions or provide business intelligence
  • Your leadership denies data they don’t like and there are opposing views on what data is saying
  • There are several conflicting sources of data and an inability to derive what is accurate information
  • You can’t establish KPIs and metrics because your missing essential data
  • Operational metrics don’t match up with what you are hearing from customers, suppliers or staff
  • Secondary sources of data such as spreadsheets are relied on to manage the business rather than your investments in technology
  • There is no way to get data out of your systems without getting IT involved and waiting days…if being able to get it at all
  • You cannot market effectively to your customers and prospects because you can’t pull an accurate list
  • Standard operational and business metrics are not available on demand to those who need it to run the business
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