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Customer Support Excellence

With today’s technological advances in contact centers, the time has never been better for organizations to improve customer relations while reducing the cost to serve. OpsVantage can help your organization with fundamentals such as staff to peak, disaster recovery, customer self-service, and multi-channel support. But perhaps more importantly, we can help transform your contact center into a lead generating, intelligence providing, customer satisfying, competitive differentiator.

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Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is the de-facto standard for B2B software companies that want to better understand their customers’ journey and its impact on their bottom line. The OpsVantage NPS program will provide you with the customer intelligence you need in order to make immediate improvements to your operations. Choose from three levels of service.

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OpsVantage was key to restructuring the customer support organization there [at Vertafore], both in improving its performance while at the same time consolidating it into fewer locations. Matt Jackson is an effective collaborator, reaching out to the appropriate parts of the organization to build consensus around issues. He brings multiple proven models to a situation and is able to effectively execute around these models. I found that whenever I needed to bounce an idea off someone that he had good thoughts regarding how to structure a solution. Finally, I observed that he prioritized personal development among his team. He worked to establish strategic projects and stretch goals for his managers so they could improve their skills and deepen their understanding of the business.

I highly recommend Matt and would willingly work with him again.
Gytis Barzdukas, VP Product Management, Vertafore


  • Customer Satisfaction

    General trends in customer satisfaction continue to decline, yet B2B customers rely on the contact center for the most pressing of issues. This combination means that savvy B2B software companies not only drive customer satisfaction but customer loyalty. Net Promoter Score ® research is conclusive, organizations that get customer satisfaction right will outperform their peers.

  • Competitive differentiator

    Customers care about more than just new features, they evaluate the entire business relationship. Reliability. Ease of communication and support. Availability. Excellent customer support can serve as a powerful competitive differentiator; one that is much harder to compete against than simply a head-to-head features list, which can cause sales teams to rely on heavy discounting for each new sale.

  • Market and Product Intelligence

    Recent research shows that just 29% of contact centers pass along information about customer trends to other parts of the organization. Your contact center can be an endless source of objective data able to guide customer-pleasing product and service offerings that improve top line and bottom line results.

  • Lead Generation

    Many B2B software companies view the customer support contact center as an unfortunate necessity, a cost center. But industry research reveals that 66% of support reps are able to successfully identify sales opportunities. With more customer interactions per day than any other part of the business, customer support is uniquely positioned to identify the needs of clients and inform them when other products and services might be valuable. In fact, OpsVantage experience in B2B contact centers where support reps and customers get to know each other over time, backs up data from stating that B2B employee referrals have an 68.7% close rate … the highest of any lead channel.

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