Maintaining team morale in the midst of uncertainty and change


What is your most effective approach in maintaining team morale in the midst of uncertainty and change?team-stacked-hands

I recently answered this question and with so many organizations undergoing change and working to more effectively manage the impacts of uncertainty on their workers, I wanted to share my response.


It depends on what type of uncertainty or change the team is going through, but are few that never fail:

  1. Honesty. People don’t expect you to know all of the answers, but they do expect you to be honest with them. Confidentiality must be observed but don’t hide information, especially information that will impact people’s livelihood.
  2. Empathy. Think about how the change is going to impact the most vulnerable people in the organization and factor that into decision making wherever possible.
  3. Visibility. Not being locked in an office is important. The team takes their cues from their leader and if you are not visible, people begin to manufacture ideas about what is going on.
  4. Cadence: Uncertainty comes from a lack of information. By committing to a regular cadence of when an update will be provided, helps people get back to work and wait for the next briefing.
  5. Composure: Leaders are always being watched by the team. If you look and act panicked, it will spread like a virus and the result is usually attrition of your top talent.

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