Heroes Don’t Scale

Hero's Don't Scale OpsVantage

A clear view of your business as a system provides the foundation to scale without killing your people or systems in the process. This is delivered through proven methods of system thinking and the international standard of BPMN 2.0. A clear view of the people, process, and technology that make up the system emerges to provide the clarity to obtain and maintain operational excellence.

People are your most valuable resource. Supporting your people with documented processes arms them with the confidence to consistently deliver, make the right decisions and measure performance. Clear process removes the stress and inefficiency of creating process on the fly and establishes a foundation for consistent operations.

What if you have a hero in your organization that just gets things done? What happens when that person leaves or gets promoted? Clear processes would not only allow for training a replacement but can identify overburdened employees ahead of time. Documented processes using BPMN 2.0 deliver reporting on exactly who is doing what and how.

The Business Process Diagram delivers an approved, sharable graphic describing your business. These diagrams identify the activities, decisions, systems and roles that complete work and deliver value by answering key questions: What is required to start a process? How does a process end? What are the outputs of a process? What activities are included within the process? Who is responsible for each activity? What technology is used by each activity? What decisions need to be made along the way? The Business Process Diagram is a standardized visual representation that is designed to be understood by all stakeholders.

What if you wanted to obtain a large investment to grow your business? Documented processes and their attending Business Process Diagrams provide a valuable tool to help investors understand how your business is operated and controlled.

Technology is indispensable for scalable operations. Understanding the tools used by each task provides valuable insight into opportunities for improvement as well as opportunities for failure. A technology team armed with this level of detail has the insight needed to deliver technology that is fit to facilitate business needs.

What if you had to replace a piece of key technology? Modeling your business with BPMN 2.0 generates a data set that delivers reporting on exactly which technology is used for each task supporting your business. This is a powerful tool for providing the insight needed to scale technology to meet business needs.

People, process, and technology are key ingredients for system thinking. BPMN 2.0 is an internationally recognized standard for documenting these key elements to form the foundation for operational excellence.

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