Change? Yeah, right…

OpsVantage - Change? Yeah, right…

Nobody wakes up in the morning and decides to do mediocre work or be part of a so-so team. It just kind of creeps up on you when you’re not looking and before you know it your state of the art 1995 solution is not holding up so well.

In the post You’re not a commodity I shared a story of a friend who didn’t keep his skills current and found himself in a tough spot. The same thing is happening to product development teams all around the world.

The third annual study of product team performance recently concluded and one of the questions we asked is how effective teams are at identifying and incorporating best practices. I do turnarounds so I see a lot of sub-optimal practices, but even I was surprised to see that only 22% of companies invest time and money to identify and try new practices.

25% are not even interested in best practices, and the remaining 53% only passively monitor industry best practices and occasionally incorporate them.

Getting people and organizations to change can be difficult.

If you are a leader or manager, start encouraging experimentation with ways to improve. You will need to understand what to measure so progress can be quantified, but don’t let that stop you from finding a better way.

If you are a member of a team, stay current on your industry, share ideas and best practices with your team and manager, then optimize how you do your own work. Your good example will catch on, and the interest in best practices will take hold at whatever rate your team can absorb it.

When teams are not used to change, it is best to go slow. Generate a few quick wins with minor changes to prove it can be done!


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