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Conducting Net Promoter® Score (NPS) surveys is an excellent way to find out what customers think about your company. If you have been doing surveys for a while you know interpreting the data can be tricky. An improving trend is always good but understanding how you compare to your competitors is much more important. Is a 42 good? Yep, if the competition is at 20 you are an industry star. If the competition is at 80, well…there is work to do.

SurveyMonkey has made knowing how you stand a lot easier. This SurveyMonkey blog post, explains the new capability. To participate in the benchmarks it requires the use of a survey template, which should not be a problem for an NPS study. When you use the NPS template and go to the “Analyze Results” tab you will see that it calculates the NPS score and shows it alongside the benchmark.

When it comes to knowing how you stack up against your direct competitors, there is no substitute for a custom NPS survey about specific competitors in your market/industry, but now there is a good barometer of how you are doing. With more than 1.5M data points in their database and a services that is available even to free accounts, this is really good news for growing B2B software companies.

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