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Ask any manager and they will tell you how important recruiting is to the success of their organization. Ask them how much they know about the candidate pipeline and activities taken to fill those spots and you will get a disappointed look. They know open positions are crucial to get filled but they don’t understand how they can help or even when they will get the next set of resumes.

On the recruiter’s side, they are often times feeling like the job needs are a moving target. Sure there is a job description, but feedback from each interview seems to point them in a completely new direction.


So, what can be done?

A practical approach to accelerate hiring

A field tested, practical step you can take to accelerate the hiring process is to take a page from the software development playbook, and hold a daily scrum.

These are short meetings that last no more than 15 minutes where the recruiters and the hiring managers stand around a chart or whiteboard that is broken into three sections:

Backlog: This is the place where all work starts…it is the backlog of work to be done, in this case, positions to be filled. Create 3×5 notecards with the title of the position being filled, and the priority. There should be one notecard for each position, even when there are multiple hires for the same role.

Work in process: Move the 3×5 card to this section when a recruiter is actively seeking candidate, hiring managers are actively reviewing resumes, and conducting interviews. This is the area where all of the discussion will happen.

  • Are there too many positions being worked on at the same time that it makes it difficult for the recruiter?
  • Are the priorities correct?
  • Have the resumes that were sent over yester been reviewed?
  • Are the candidates scheduled for interviews?
  • What was great or missing about the candidate?
  • Has the offer been finalized and when will they get back to us?

You will be amazed by the discussions had here. It really helps to calibrate the needs, and prevent delays that result in the loss of a great candidate.

Complete: When you have a candidate accept your offer, the card moves to the complete section of the board! You can clean this section up as need be, but let them sit there for a little while so you can enjoy the sense of accomplishment!

Pro tip: Date the card when it is added to backlog then when it moves to in-work, and finally to complete. This will allow you to see the velocity of your work and understand if additional help is needed at any point along the way.

Pro tip 2: Resist the temptation to do this in excel or over email. Whenever possible, stand next to each other, look at real 3×5 cards, and do this in the work space/area where the new hires will be working.


One final note: Here is a free scrum board, just send this download to a local printer to be printed and laminated…you’ll be all set to accelerate hiring!


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