1 simple way B2B software companies can increase professional services revenue

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As a software company with a professional services team there will inevitably be times your team is swamped with work, and there will be times when people are roaming the halls trying to find ways to stay (or at least look) busy.

The irony is that you likely have plenty of customers to generate enough work to keep the entire team busy every day, but there is not enough awareness. Marketing of professional services rarely ever happens in B2B software companies because the marketing effort is all directed toward selling software…which is right where it should be.

One simple way to solve this is to create a calendar of professional services promotions and include information about the promotion in the footer of customer support emails.

That’s it – super simple. Your support organization probably closes at least a couple of hundred customer support cases every week, and each of those closed cases is followed up by an email.  By adding information about your promotion to the bottom of the case close email, you are getting your message out to thousands of potential customers each month!

Here is an example of how it has worked at one client…The professional services team provided training, custom reports, custom development, and coaching based on best practices. We created a few promotional offerings, and each offering had a message that went in rotation for two months. The messages were clear and simple:


Need refresher training? Ask your account manager about getting 20% off remote training sessions now through September 30th.

Do more with custom reports! Call 800-xxx-xxxx to discuss the possibilities.

Ready to get more out of your software? Call 800-xxx-xxxx today for a best practices assessment.


When these simple messages are added to the closed case email template, the response rate will typically be low single digits. Even a 3% response rate on 8,000 impressions will result in 240 opportunities to generate additional revenue and help customers get the most out of your software. Definitely a win-win.


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