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Implementation Optimization

As the first post-sale point of contact in your organization, your professional services team has the opportunity to create a strong foundation for long-term customer value. Their actions will provide a lasting impression that affects your customer’s opinion of who your company “really” is, and what kind of value they can expect to receive moving forward.

At OpsVantage, our wealth of experience in software implementation, change management, custom software development, and consulting will help benchmark your performance against your peers and develop short- and long-term plans for improvement.

With our help, you can shorten software implementation times, help customers be successful with your software sooner and drive additional professional services revenue.

Implementation Accelerator

The OpsVantage Implementation Accelerator service uses our proprietary cost evaluation methodology to quantify the real cost of delayed implementations. We then work with your Implementation team to understand exactly what it takes to complete an implementation. Our experts will identify and implement significant improvements that can help you cut implementation times by 30% or more. Shorter implementations mean increased professional services fees, happier customers, and major improvements to Annual Recurring Revenue.

Launch Implementation Accelerator


  • Revenue Acceleration
  • Implementation Training Assessments
  • Project Management Training
  • Software Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Custom Software Development

Relationship and transactional NPS

Managing your organization to improve your Net Promoter Score®, or NPS®, can result in improved business performance.
OpsVantage will design a survey program for relationship NPS surveys as well as post transaction surveys that deliver the insights your team needs to drive customer satisfaction and revenue growth. The OpsVantage approach to NPS results in consistent branding and terminology, point in time transactional detail across the customer lifecycle, and clarity about follow-up responsibility.

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