Because software companies need different things to grow.



B2B Software Operational Excellence

B2B software companies have the same basic needs but operate in fundamentally different ways at each stage of growth. OpsVantage understands this unique growth trajectory and works with you to define and implement a plan to improve and keep your operational capabilities on pace with sales growth.

  • Strategy realization
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Program & Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Agile & Kanban Software Development Operations
  • Customer Care/Professional Services
  • Software Implementation
  • Account Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Creating Self-sustaining Organizations

some of todays’ top challenges

B2B Leads take an average of 84 days to become opportunities
84 days
71% of internal contact centers fail to pass along voice of the customer information to other teams.
$122 million wasted for every US$1 billion invested due to poor project performance
$122 million
Firms that integrate the PSA and CRM have 75% higher ebitda than firms that don’t use PSA
OpsVantage did extremely high quality work with minimal supervision. They were professional, responsive and had a great attitude.
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